It is a discord bot with multifunctions such as: author, welcome, utility, moderation, music, leveling, etc


Galaxy-Ak A discord bot developed in JavaScript that has many functions! Commands · General: avatar, botinfo, help, serverinfo, userinfo · Mod: ban, clear, clearreports, kick, report, reports · Image: meme, wholesome · Millescaneus: 8ball, embed, invite, prefix · Levels: leaderboard, rank, reward, rewards, setrank, update · Music: join, leave, np, pause, play, queue, resume, skip, volume · Dev: emojis · Config: autorole, delete-cmd, lvlupmsg, reportchannel, welcomechannel, welcomemsg, welcomebackground, rankbackground · Commands: groups, enable, disable, reload, load, unload · Utility: ping, eval Functions Auto Role: · The bot has auto-role system, to establish a specific role when a user · enters your server you must put: g!autorole @Role Command Deleting: · The bot has a command to make when someone executes a command is deleted, that can · be activated and deactivated for as long as you want, use: g!delete-cmd true/false Level Up Message: · This function is for when a user level up to show the message or not, you · can deactivate it as long as you want. Use: g!lvlupmsg true/false Report Channel: · This command is for when someone reports a user on your server to send it · to the specified channel, use: g!reportchannel #channel Welcome: · You can use this command to set the channel where the welcome · will be sent, use: g!welcomeChannel #channel . welcomemsg, use: welcomemsg, welcome, {user}. . welcomebackground, use: welcomebackground Link Image If it doesn't work, contact the creators of the bot or go to the official server







Don Patricio#4796
Don Patricio#4796